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Hi Physios !!!!!!

Hi Physio World,

Here’s one Physio Lover who just likes, loves, learns Physio Therapy.

Let me introduce myself first.

Am Sheik Abdul Khadir, A post graduate (M.P.Th – Neurosciences) Student from All India Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Mumbai, Maharashtra. As my institute name suggests am an Indian (a pride physio from lovely India).

Physiotherapy- Not my first choice as Career but my best Choice i have ever made.

I want to become a Cardiologist and to play with knife and Scalpel but ended with Neuro-Physiotherapist . I want to save lives but my destiny wants me to add quality to lives. Whats the point in having life without quality.

I came to know about the Professional Ethics Course and applied Immediately. Then realized its for Undergraduate students . But Physiotherapy taught me no time/age limit to learn. Hence continued.

I remember one saying “In the race of life, even if you standstill, you are going back because all others are moving forward”. 

I don’t want to stand still. This course will be a Platform for International Exposure.

Waiting for the course to began …….