Hi Physios !!!!!!

Hi Physio World,

Here’s one Physio Lover who just likes, loves, learns Physio Therapy.

Let me introduce myself first.

Am Sheik Abdul Khadir, A post graduate (M.P.Th – Neurosciences) Student from All India Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Mumbai, Maharashtra. As my institute name suggests am an Indian (a pride physio from lovely India).

Physiotherapy- Not my first choice as Career but my best Choice i have ever made.

I want to become a Cardiologist and to play with knife and Scalpel but ended with Neuro-Physiotherapist . I want to save lives but my destiny wants me to add quality to lives. Whats the point in having life without quality.

I came to know about the Professional Ethics Course and applied Immediately. Then realized its for Undergraduate students . But Physiotherapy taught me no time/age limit to learn. Hence continued.

I remember one saying “In the race of life, even if you standstill, you are going back because all others are moving forward”. 

I don’t want to stand still. This course will be a Platform for International Exposure.

Waiting for the course to began …….


3 thoughts on “Hi Physios !!!!!!

  1. Rachael Lowe

    Hello, welcome to the professional ethics course! We are looking forward to participating in this course with you, we hope that we will all learn a lot about global ethical considerations.


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