Torture in Physiotherapy ?????

Read lots of post on Zero dark Thirty and America,

i doubt is it actually essential to spend this much time on a Movie review .

what does torture means to me as a health care provider ????


3 thoughts on “Torture in Physiotherapy ?????

  1. liinapaabo

    don’t you think that physiotherapy as a profession is a part of the larger social context, and therefore cannot ignore different practices, including torture, that conflict with human rights?

    1. sheikabdulmpt Post author

      hi liinapaabo,
      ofcourse as a human it matters . my doubt is what the role of torture practice for me as a Physio???
      can anyone please guide me with some example scenarios pertaining to torture which will affect my profession directly.

      1. Marna

        Most aren’t doing it related to the physio profession but if you do want to relate it, consider musculoskeletal testing when require a pain response for a positive test.

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