Week 3 :Are we really all equal?

on seeing the question my immediate reaction was ‘yah! ofcourse all humans are equal. i felt there’s nothing great to talk about this. 

once i read the posts, i felt its not so. 

Unfortunately in health care setting, the lack of diversity among care providers and the lack of culturally competent policies within healthcare delivery settings makes this not so feasible.

 Although developing and implementing a diversity plan and culturally competent policies is very complex practically, politically, and programmatically for traditional institutional care providers, it must be done.

Providers must embrace the diversity that is a part of any society and must not let race or ethnicity be a determining factor in offering treatment options.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 :Are we really all equal?

  1. Emma Makwinja Gondwe

    Hi Physio Dude, It is true at a glance this topic seems like a straight forward issue but if you think about it more then you realize that is as complicated as morality especially when you have stayed in a country like South Africa where you face injustice everyday just because of the color of your skin or race. The other way to look at this issue on personal level for example in your case you don’t like alcohol and you have a patient that keeps on coming for therapy while drunk and stinking of bear, are you going to treat this patient without reserve? Because being an alcoholic is something else and keeping on coming for appointments while drunk is also something.
    I have given this example because during my NMS block a few months ago I had a male patient that had chronic low back pain who kept on coming to therapy very drunk. It was challenging for me to treat him but I had to but his sessions were shorter because I couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol. If you look at issues of equality we may say I EXCLUDED him on the grounds of his behavior, but sometimes one has to do what must be done regardless…

    1. sheikabdulmpt Post author

      hi Emma Makwinja Gondwe. thanks for the insight on the topic.
      yet ……….
      as you have said, if i come across such behavior i would restrain that patient from treatment not because i dont like alcohol but to maintain the discipline and decorum of treatment and profession.
      if accept such behavior on the grounds of equality, what if he/she misbehaves with me/my staff.
      just like therapist even patient have code of conducts. wont they????
      just my views.
      comments and critics are welcome.


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