Euthanasia- to agree or not ????

hmmmmmm. quite a controversial topic.

if we believe that we have right to live and right to die, then Euthanasia seems to be justifiable.

in my country (INDIA) where suicide of able-bodied and disabled is an offence , Euthanasia is not accepted. I ,myself being a religious person have one query.

Euthanasia or assisted suicide is solely based on result of human interpretation. where a group of specialised doctors/health care professionals agree that there is no/very minimal chance of recovery.

there are many instances where the medical team believe there is no chance of survival yet the person lives so long. this is not to emphasize the presence of supreme power (eventhough i believe it) but to emphasize the  lack of human knowledge on death and life issues.

if we accept that the humans cannot judge 100% then how can we go for euthanasia on the basis of medical team interpretation?????

on the other hand, if euthanasia or assisted suicide is legalised on the grounds of burden to the soceity and family , wont the threshold of burden wil reduce????

on the long run even a bearable burden will be seen as unbearable and provision of assisted suicide may be enforced.

wont they?????


1 thought on “Euthanasia- to agree or not ????

  1. Michael Rowe

    You raise some good questions that are all important to be considered when discussing assissted suicide. However, I don’t think that these are ignored by those who support assisted suicide. In fact, their are protocols in place to ensure that patients are not overly depressed by a diagnosis (for example, of cancer), that they are not making this decision because of a sense of being a burden to their families and that an independent medical review gives the patient input on the likely progression of their disease.

    Of course, we can’t be certain of the exact disease progression, nor of the amount of pain and suffering that one is going to have. However, we can make fairly good predictions that in certain cases, there will be suffering and pain followed by an uncomfortable death. Shouldn’t people, when faced with those certainties, be able to decide the “where”, “how” and “when” of their dying?


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